Natalie Gauci

Natalie Gauci is an extraordinary artist, a singer, songwriter, musician and producer with a powerful voice and an array of exquisitely wrought personal songs with huge crossover appeal.


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An extraordinary, versatile artist who combines singing, song-writing and production skills with a unique and powerful voice.

Natalie is an artist with huge crossover appeal who blends the fluidity of jazz, immediacy of pop and the pure emotion of soul. She has been on an incredible journey to get her to where she is now – and she has written some incredible songs along the way.

“It’s exhilarating to discover who I am meant to be. It shines through my music which I feel touches the souls of others. I am a strong woman who has always been passionate about finding out who I am. I call this ‘phases of life.’”

“My major influences have been jazz artists like Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis. I was introduced to all the major jazz and pop icons at an early age by my mum who was a singer herself.”

“I was always hungry for fame and, when I achieved it, I realised I had a bigger responsibility to be an outstanding musician, to be the best I could be… I’ve always wanted to give my fans the whole experience.”

Her songs – an intimate series of confessionals and autobiographies – are beautifully sung and scored. And her music is hugely eclectic, playful jazz in Ha Ha Ha and Only The Lonely, reggae in Save Tomorrow the erotic punch in Give U Up, to the pop/soul songs that have always been close to her heart – Free Falling and Love Really Burns (as song written when she was just 19).

“For me, music is a way of life – and it’s an awakening. My life, my crazy journey and all the things I’ve learned on the way have allowed me to finally spread my wings. And I feel when you share your own experiences it lets others know they are not alone.”